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    • Upgrade your Gemini 1 to the Gemini 2 to take advantage of the latest GoTo System from Losmandy,
  • Since you already have the servo motors installed on your GM-8, G-11, Titan, or G9 mount, this upgrade is relatively easy.
  • The Losmandy Gemini 2 Upgrade Kit includes a touch screen hand controller and the Main Control Unit.

Losmandy has updated the Gemini GoTo System to include a newly enhanced CPU and increased memory. Perhaps most impressive is the interactive color touch screen that comes with the Losmandy Gemini 2 Go-To System.

Losmandy Gemini 2 Go-To System Features:

  • Full Color Graphic Touch Screen clearly displays all functions
  • Classic four-button pattern for guiding, centering, moving, and slewing on both the touch screen and on a tactile membrane on the rear surface
  • Support for the original four-button controller
  • Can be used on all Losmandy GM8, G-11, & Titan mounts
  • Custom mount support using the Programmable Gear Rate function
  • 0.5 arcsec positional accuracy
  • GPS-compatible with optional receiver
  • Stand-alone system: No PC is required for operation
  • English, German, French, & Spanish displays
  • Ethernet 10/100 with full IP function permits operation from anywhere using a browser, ASCOM, or app over the web or serial port
  • Non-Volatile Memory and Real-Time Clock
  • Over 40,000 objects stored in the database
  • USB ports: Virtual COM to PC, ASCOM or planetarium program
  • Port F: multi-function serial port; for A/D Input or Output
  • Firmware upgrade via internet
  • PEC: Periodic error correction
  • Auto-Guide port (TTL)
  • Dual 12~18 VDC input/output (3.0 A)
  • Tiltable control panel, for easy access during operation


Gemini 2 Celestial Database Includes:

  • 168 BSL
  • 303 Combined_Constellation_Stars
  • 5437 IC
  • 1125 LBN
  • 1787 LDN
  • 110 Messier Objects
  • 8290 NGC (New General Catalog)
  • 1143 PN
  • 17636 SAO (Smithsonian Ap. Obs.)
  • 313 Sh2
  • 223 Southern_Constellation_Stars
  • 3988 WDS

The CPU on the Gemini 2 System uses a mounted PC board as its base. This is a proven set up and is one of the most reliable in the field today. The main board has auto-guider and accessory ports, for full remote control (via the web) of the system from a computer from anywhere in the world. The Gemini 2 uses a Meade LX200 inspired command set. Clock and location information can be updated through a Losmandy GPS accessory that is sold separately.

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