Celestial Chart Sky Map Both Hemispheres

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What you have on this Celestial Chart are:


  • Representation of the entire sky;
  • The position of all stars up to magnitude 6.0;
  • All objects in the Messier Catalog and its type;
  • The visual magnitude of each star;
  • Spectral Class of each star (hence the star's surface temperature);
  • Milky Way representation;
  • Stellar Evolution scheme;
  • How to use Equatorial Coordinate System scheme;
  • Pictures of each representation of objects in Messier Catalog.


This is our complete Sky Map showing the entire sky projected on two polar representations, one for each celestial hemisphere.


It includes the position of all stars up to magnitude 6.0 and all objects in the Messier Catalog.


The Sky Map shows us the most easily observable galaxies, nebula, globular clusters, open clusters and other objects easy to find with naked eye or with a small telescope or binoculars. 


For each of the represented stars there is information about its magnitude as well as its spectral class, which can also tell you about the star's surface temperature.


The chart also shows the Milky Way region and two important schemes on Astronomy: a simple and easy to understand diagram of Stellar Evolution, and a figure showing how to locate anything in the sky using the Equatorial Coordinate System, the most used celestial coordinate system.


There is no better way to have the whole sky in your hands or framed on a wall than with this Sky Map from Celestial Chart. Used to help in observing the night sky or as an artwork in your home, a Sky Map will always be something inspiring and unforgettable.


We know that your Celestial Chart will be precious to you and because of this we have made each one unique. All our Celestial Charts are numbered, like all prints made of a piece of art. 


Can you think of a more beautiful piece of art than the Universe itself?


Celestial Charts are:


Printed on a glossy photorealistic poster paper with a Basis Weight of 220gsm/81lb and a 97 Brightness to enhance the image color on its smooth gloss surface which will hold up to handling for years.


The images are printed using technology that uses water based latex ink that is both odorless and solvent free. This eco-friendly process creates an image that is water proof and will hold its color for decades to come.


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