Bob's Knobs for C14 f/11 Secondary with Factory Phillips Collimation Screws with Metric Threads

Article number: C14metphi
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Knobs for C14 f/11 Secondary with Factory Phillips Collimation Screws with Metric Threads


Part: C14metphi
Fits: Celestron 14” (36 cm) f/11 SCT versions with metric thread factory Phillips collimation screws with Fastar and with or without EdgeHD optics.

Knobs: Black plastic, 15 mm (5/8”) diameter
Threads: Stainless steel


  1. These telescopes can have factory collimation screws with either standard or metric threads. Silver Phillips collimation screws are standard thread. Black Phillips collimation screws usually have metric threads, but some have standard threads. Telescopes manufactured prior to about 2008 have collimation screws with standard threads, and later scopes have collimation screws with metric threads. If you discover your knobs have the wrong threads, you may return your knobs for exchange at no additional cost. Alternatively, you can order knobs with both standard and metric thread screws and return the unused set for a full refund.
  2. Collimation screws on these telescopes are small with very fine threads. Knobs must be tightened gently (just enough to hold the secondary in place) to prevent damage to either the knob or secondary assembly.
  3. The factory dust cover will fit normally with Bob's Knobs installed.
  4. The rotary secondary cover must remain open when knobs are installed. The cover is cosmetic only and will not affect operation of the telescope.
  5. Our knobs cannot protrude above the Trifid-style decorative attachment or they will interfere with the factory dust cover. For better knob access, you can peel off the vinyl escutcheon and remove this attachment, or simply access the knobs partly from the side.
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