Antares 2 inch SCT Low Profile Rack & PInion with Linear Bearings - 2 Speed Focuser

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Upgrade the focusing precision of an SCT telescope with our new Antares Low-Profile Dual-Speed Hybrid Focuser. Its new, innovative hybrid design incorporates the benefits of both rack-and-pinion and Crayford focusers to provide superb fine-focus performance for SCT telescopes. Building on the rock-solid reputation and performance of the well-regarded Crayford design, a unique helical spur on the two-speed focus mechanism provides increased positive control of the drawtube while minimizing backlash and slippage. This allows the Orion 2 Low-Profile Dual-Speed Hybrid Reflector Focuser to hold heavy payloads of observing or astrophotography accessories without slipping, while still offering the smooth, backlash-free motion of the traditional Crayford model. This hefty focuser tips the scales at 14 oz. can hold over 16 lbs. (~8kg) of payload and still provide smooth, slippage-free motion.  

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