Celestron Laboratory Biological Microscope

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  • Feature-packed entry-level biological microscope at an economical price
  • 10x eyepiece and 4x, 10x, and 40x objective lenses combine to provide powers of 40x, 100x, and 400x
  • Fully coated glass optics
  • All-metal body with monocular head
  • 50 mm (2") mirror provides illumination to make details of specimen slides easier to see
  • Basic condenser concentrates light onto the specimen
  • 5-position disc diaphragm
  • Coarse and fine focus knobs
  • Five prepared slides included
  • Adjustable arm (0° to 60°) for comfortable viewing

The Celestron 400x Laboratory Biological Microscope is an all-metal bodied microscope with fully coated glass optics and advanced features usually offered on only higher priced microscopes, like a basic condenser and 5-position disc diaphragm.  With both coarse and fine focus knobs, 3 objective lenses, an adjustable head (0° to 60°), and 5 specimen slides, it’s a great entry-level microscope that will last for years. 

A condenser concentrates and focuses light when using high-power objective lenses. Since these lenses tend to have very small apertures, a condenser combined with an iris diaphragm provides increased illumination and resolution. You can easily adjust brightness, contrast, depth of field, and evenness of illumination on your specimen.   

Magnification (low power) 40 x
Magnification (high power) 400 x
Included Accessories 5 prepared slides, dust cover
Microscope Head Angle choice from 0° to 60°
Objective Nosepiece Triple with click stop
Objective Lense Diameter 3 achromatic - 4x, 10x, 40x
Eyepiece 1 Magnification 10x - 12 mm field of view
Condenser Lens N.A. 0.65
Diaphragm Disc diaphragm with 5 aperture sizes
Illumination 50 mm Plano concave mirror
Stage Plain stage with spring loaded clips - 120 mm x 110 mm
Dimensions 254 mm x 382 mm x 203 mm (10 in x 15 in x 8 in)
Weight 5.62 lbs, 2.56 kg
Fine Focus Yes
Course Focuser Yes
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