Arcturus LaserMate Deluxe Collimator with 2" Adapter

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Arcturus LaserMate Deluxe Telescope Collimator

* Perfectly aligns your Newtonian's optics with laser precision in a simple one-step procedure

* Convenient "rear view" port lets you easily collimate optics from the rear of the telescope

* Only 4" long, it stashes easily in your accessory case and fits any 1.25" eyepiece holder

* Smaller, lighter, and less expensive than the previous version of the LaserMate Deluxe

* Includes one CR2032 battery and complete instructions. One-year limited warranty

With our Arcturus LaserMate Deluxe Collimator you will get perfect alignment of your reflector telescope's optics, and faster than with standard collimators. Precise collimation ensures that you'll enjoy the sharpest possible astrophotos. Using the LaserMate Deluxe is a simple one-step procedure. A new "rear view" port in the anodized aluminum housing lets you see both the emitted and return laser beam "spots" while standing at the rear of the telescope. Just tweak the telesscope's collimation screws until the beams overlap in the center of the LaserMate's target pattern. Done! Perfect collimation at lightning speed. Only 4" long, it's easy to stash in your accessory case. Ideal for Newtonian telescopes and a must for those with focal ratios of f/5 or lower. Fits any 1.25" telescope eyepiece holder. Includes one CR2032 battery and instructions. One-year limited warranty.

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